XXI century education has shown that it needs to be more personalized and should facilitate the development of skills in students, as well as form virtual learning communities; to search, select, communicate and build knowledge in a collaborative way.  

During 2020, educational institutions and society in general assumed the need to bring education to a digital context , as well as reflect on the fact that investing in distance or online education can help improve quality indicators and education coverage. of the country . However , before taking advantage of the benefits of technology, the challenge of this modality must be faced: the digital divide of students and the use of learning platforms at all educational levels.  

Thanks to technological advances and new ways of communicating, sharing and creating knowledge, new ways of understanding the teaching and learning process have been incorporated. Therefore, if your institution is thinking of incorporating tools or developing an educational management platform it is necessary to take into account the curricular content , learning objectives and study plan of your institution to choose the platform that suits your needs.   

Three digital tools for distance education

Distance learning offers many benefits , as long as we take advantage of the different digital tools that are available to us and that help make the learning experience more dynamic and in line with the digital environment. Here are some solutions for education that will help you modernize and digitize the new way of learning.   

1.IG Academy 

IG Academy was developed to help teachers create online learning communities, it allows you to deliver online courses and manage the learning process in a simple and automated way. As well as centralizing the information so that your students can access it from one place. It can be implemented in blended learning , distance education, flipped classroom, and various e-learning projects in schools, universities, offices, and other sectors.   

2.Learning Space 

Learning Space is 100% digital platform, created to maximize the performance of institutions, professors and unlimited users for good online learning. It has a platform to create, upload or host courses; they will be able to access Open Access content , search for electronic books or buy them; and a space for students and teachers to access personalized tutorials. 

3. Kansy 

Kansy is a web and mobile platform that facilitates the programming, management, and evaluation of the different managerial, academic, and administrative processes of preschool, elementary, and middle school educational institutions. Made up of several modules, it helps to automate administrative tasks in an educational center, as well as the monitoring of attendance and student learning thanks to its virtual learning environment.  

To use and implement the aforementioned tools, it is necessary to plan what you want to work on, as well as have the objectives and learning that we want the students to achieve , so it is recommended to choose and implement the ones that best suit the circumstances . of the educational community.