Don’t Make These Mistakes When Installing a Glass Shower Door

Are you planning to upgrade your bathroom? A glass shower door is unquestionably important. This is because it can make your shower space more convenient and beautiful. It is a vital part of your shower enclosure so must be installed properly. Otherwise, you will lose time, money, and functionality.

So, avoid expensive replacements or repairs by doing a bit of research and consulting a pro. To get started, here are a few common mistakes to avoid when mounting a glass shower door.

Common Glass Shower Door Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Below are a few mistakes that are commonly made during glass shower door installation and how to avoid them.

  1. Installation in A Dirty Place

A common design mistake homeowners make during shower enclosure installation is creating a dirty space by having a glass panel next to a glass or a tiled wall. As a result, water may flow between the wall and the glass door.

If your space is too small to wipe or for moisture to evaporate, mildew and mould may grow easily.

How to Solve It

Your best option is to hire an expert before installing this door. They will check the bath space and recommend the necessary modifications to decrease gaps where water can go to difficult-to-reach areas.

  1. Not Examining the Slope of Your Shower Curb 

Consider the glass shower curb’s slope to retain water effectively. (The curb design includes a barrier separating the shower from the rest of your bathroom.) Make sure it does not level or slope away from the door or near the bathroom floor. Below are some issues that may occur due to this inappropriate slope:

  • Growth of mildew and mould
  • Risk of falls or slips
  • Leakage inside the bathroom flooring

How to Solve It

The curb must be sloped near the floor of the glass shower to prevent the seeping of water below the shower door. If this slope is not mounted, you may place a water dam or threshold along with a brand-new shower.

  1. Poorly-Aligned Shower Head 

All premium glass shower enclosures are available with caulk joints and vinyl seals that protect against damage caused by excessive water droplets. So, it is recommended not to press them excessively.

During installation, don’t place shower heads in a way that water hits weak areas such as seams between the hinged or the glass side of the glass door. This causes wet flooring as well as leakage.

How to Solve It

The best method is to fix the showerhead as well as additional body spray either to face the fixed glass panel or the tiled wall. In this way, you may keep water from getting to the caulk gaps or joints between the door panels and stationary panels. (Body spray is installed in vertical rows on adjacent or opposite walls, by creating a crisscross water massage between shoulder and knee levels that allows you to wash up fast.)

  1. Not Safeguarding Your Shower Door Glass

Unprotected glass may cost less initially but you will end up spending a lot for its regular maintenance and cleaning to avoid staining or corrosion.

How to Solve It 

The best solution is to have a glass door that is permanently sealed. This will help it to stay clean longer and withstand corrosion and staining.

  1. Purchasing an Obsolete Model

If you don’t do proper research, you may end up buying an outdated model.

How to Solve It

You may make minor changes to change the shower enclosure’s overall style. For instance, you may fix the issue by adding modern elements, like replacing the door’s handle or placing stylish bath towels or robe hooks.

  1. Selecting a Swinging Glass Shower Door 

A nice swinging door may look stunning but may cause problems if not installed properly. As the term suggests, this door has a standard design door that swings out to open.

How to Solve This Issue

The best solution is to mount a frameless slider, thereby removing this swinging door. This slider is a great option for a small space. It has just one rail where the top of the door can hang. This single rail allows them to slide past one another so that you may either open the right or left side of the doors.

An eye-catching glass shower enclosure installation is a great choice to improve your bathroom decor, provided you do not make these errors. Consulting an expert installer ensures that your shower door is installed properly without any risk of further issues.