Entering the business world as an e-commerce seller – developing a virtual store – can be a good business; the numbers confirm the expansion of the sector. However, due to strong competition, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the others. This scenario brings us the following question: how to be a good seller when the subject is online sales?

To better understand the competition in this segment, it is necessary to know a little about the numbers of e-commerce in the world. In 2014, according to e-Marketer, US$ 1.47 trillion in sales were moved in the sector.

In Latin America alone, this market was responsible for figures in excess of US$48 billion. The expectation is that in 2018 that number will increase to US$2.35 trillion. Therefore, how to be a good seller to consolidate yourself in this market?

Learn how to be a good e-commerce seller with five tips

To be successful in your e-commerce sales, it is worth following some tips. Find out below five tips elaborated by the director of marketing and products of WebpresarioPRO, Christiam Alvarado, and learn how to be a good online seller.

Have a functional website

The number of mobile devices that allow internet access makes it essential to adapt e-commerce websites. Data from 2014 from e-Marketer indicate that 4.5 billion people have a smartphone, which represents more than 63% of the world’s population. Having a light website, which meets criteria for use on these devices, can increase your sales.

Invest in logistics

How to be a good online seller without investing in logistics? Simple: it is not possible. As there is no physical contact in virtual sales, the consumer’s expectation is based on receiving their products within the stipulated period. It guarantees that you can meet and exceed these goals.

Offers multi-channel service

In e-commerce, you must pay attention through various channels to your customer. Make a presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, answer questions by email and phone, if necessary. You can also have an online chat, within the web, to answer questions. But don’t forget about speed: always respond quickly and clearly.

Keep a qualified team

Working with e-commerce requires that you have a trained team by your side. Teach your employees how to be good salespeople through constant training and education.

Invest in SEO

Google indexing indicators are important in any area, and e-commerce is no different. Use keywords and keep the website light and functional so that it gains positions and has better results on the search engine page.