Social media marketing is an opportunity for brands to keep and win new customers. However, for the use of this resource to constantly improve, evaluating the metrics obtained by digital media is essential. Only then will the company know if the effort in these environments brings good results.

If you want to expand the reach of your brand through social networks, how about knowing a little more about the evaluation of reports and statistics of your pages?

Social Media Marketing Metrics

It is important to constantly evaluate the marketing metrics in social networks, finally, this is how the brand monitors the effectiveness of your strategy. In any medium, this activity is important for the company to know its audience and identify what type of content is most interesting to users.

In an article for Forbes, Jason DeMers, founder of Audience Bloom, highlights that strong metrics give the company insight to overcome the unpredictability of marketing ROI. But how to do this analysis? He knows three of the countless metrics that can be evaluated.

1. Number of visits

One of the first steps in evaluating social media metrics is to identify the total number of visits. DeMers states, in the article for Forbes, that measuring this factor gives the entrepreneur a general idea of ​​how the brand is generating traffic.

According to this, if you notice that the numbers drop from one month to the next, you should investigate your marketing channels to understand why this is happening. Do not underestimate the relevance of this metric, as it is essential for the company to redirect its strategy if the current one is not generating good page access results.

2. Attractive

More than knowing how many people visit your brand page on a certain social network, you need to analyze the attractiveness generated by the content. The key is to focus on metrics that show how your content engages your audience, explains digital marketer Brian Hughes, writing for

The author also recommends that when measuring post comments, the company tracks volume as well. The ideal, according to him, is to verify the content of the comments to take into account what the followers are talking about the brand.

3. Best time

Finding out what period of the day your followers are active on social networks is important so that you can publish content at the right time, when the posts generate more reach. Remember: by doing this, your content will gain more traffic and more users will have access to it.

How to evaluate statistics

To analyze the effectiveness of social media marketing, entrepreneurs have countless online tools. It should be noted that each medium has its own platforms for the evaluation of statistics. This is the case of Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and Google+ Insights, for example.

In addition, brands should always be attentive to content engagement rates, basic items such as comments, posts, retweets and likes.

To deepen the analysis of metrics in social networks, find out about the available tools and the particularities of each medium. Also make a list of the stats you want to evaluate. Remember: here we mention only a few items, but there are others that can contribute to the success of your marketing.