Google Glass , the eyewear-like adjustable smart device, is now available for some people in exclusive groups. The so-called “explorers” needed to apply and get approval to receive the glasses. A local teacher obtained the first prototype of Google Glass in this way and is exploring how to use them to teach future teachers .

Manish Sharma received his glasses in February of this year and has been wearing them to class ever since. He uses them to capture POV videos of him teaching teacher training how to teach .

I am trying to create videos where you can see moments of good teaching practices ” Sharma affirmed. “If there is any interaction we can record in the first person, which would be an ideal tool for teachers who are in training to learn it”

Manish has created videos through time lapse photos, showing both perspectives: from the perspective of himself interacting with his classroom and also from the perspective of the classroom taken from a camera in the back of the room. He says that he hopes it will help students understand what it feels like to stand in front of a class.

“Everyone who sees it gets really excited to see it, and everyone wants to try it. It also comes with an App that lets me see on my iPhone what they are seeing through Google Glass ”

Sharma says he is planning to create personal videos from the University’s Ohio River Biology Station.

“They (students and professors) do a lot of research work, so we record it and then the students get excited about how the science is done, it’s almost like being right there.”