Increasing the number of visits to the company’s website is the goal of every entrepreneur who invests in digital media. The reason is simple: the more people who land on your page, the more likely you are to convert that traffic into customers. But the execution of this task is quite complex.

In addition to requiring knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), attracting more visitors requires mastery of digital marketing tools. The good news is that there are alternatives that do not require specialists. In this article, you will find some simple strategies to improve the performance of your website.

The basis of digital marketing is content

Content is the main characteristic of a relevant website, well classified by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and what systematically attracts visitors.

This is stated in the study Search Engine Optimization Survey Summary Report , carried out in June 2015 by Ascend2, which presents the five priorities of an SEO strategy to attract users, according to those interviewed:

  1. Creating relevant content: 72%
  2. Keyword search: 48%
  3. Frequent updating of the website: 34%
  4. Internal links: 33%
  5. Social media campaigns: 28%

In addition to improving search engine rankings, creating relevant content related to your niche helps you become an authority on the subject , increasing the credibility of your company’s products and services.

How to increase the number of visits to the website

The following tips will help you boost access to your company’s website.

1. Responsive design

Search engines prioritize responsive websites (adapted to mobile devices ), mainly Google. It is worth modifying your company’s web design to make it as responsive as possible.

2. Satisfies the user

“Google can measure user satisfaction with the results. The main signal occurs when the user clicks on a result and does not return to the investigations ”, wrote Stephen Levy in the book In the Plex: how Google thinks, works and shapes our lives .

3. Accelerate web response

The speed of the web is related to the satisfaction of the users. It is one of the only ranking criteria confirmed by Google . Talk to the programmers to make the web as agile as possible.

4. Create catchy titles for articles

A creative title can make all the difference. Think of different possibilities before choosing one and do not disregard the magic words : “you”, “new”, “free” and “guaranteed”.

5. Work with internal links and encourage external links

Making third parties place links to your page is one of the most complex tasks of SEO professionals. Therefore, the ideal is to create such relevant content that it is naturally shareable and can go viral. The greater the number of external links to your page, the more relevant this page will be to Google.

6. Promote content on social networks

Social networks can become an effective communication channel for your company. Create a strategy for the major social networks and consider investing in paid ads to reach your target audience.

7. Don’t forget about email marketing

The email is still alive and ignoring it can be a fatal mistake for your company. Create mechanisms to obtain the email addresses of your customers – in a transparent way, of course – and establish a regularity for sending a relevant newsletter.