Using technology in favor is a great advantage for educational institutions. Although the digital transformation has given us daily access to information  through the  network  , it can also be used for a more formal teaching-learning process, using the appropriate tools for this.  

Did you know that there are digital platforms that you can use to create online courses and facilitate distance education? During online teaching, LMS platforms allow the virtual environment to function as a conducive environment for teaching and learning. 

What is an LMS and what is it for? 

An LMS (Learning Management System) platform is a support tool for the teaching-learning process at a distance or semi-face-to-face.  

Thanks to it, it is possible to create, store, distribute and manage various educational  activities virtually . They are useful for both companies and educational institutions looking for an effective teaching method in which the physical presence of the participants is not necessary. 

How to choose the right platform for my institution? 

º Customizable.  It is important that the course you create has a visual identity according to your  institution or organization , therefore, it is better to choose a platform that contains this option. 

º Have tools. The courses must be dynamic, since the success of learning and the perseverance of the users depend on it. For that, you must have tools that allow greater user interaction and participation. 

º Support various content formats.  The interest of the students will be greater if the contents offered are diverse such asvideos, presentations, PDFs,etc. 

º Be responsive.  A large part of the users use mobile devices for their classes, so the chosen platform must be responsive and adapt to any device. 

IG  Academy , the platform that your institution needs 

IG  Academy , is a didactic tool for  class content management, it is an LMS platform, made to help teachers create online communities and used in distance education blended learning , as well as in various e- learning in schools, universities, offices and other sectors.   

Our tool allows you to teach online courses and at the same time manage the learning process in a simple and automated way. It is easy to use and with  features that can be adapted to the requirements of the courses, making it completely customizable.  In addition,  it is a multi-responsive and multi-browser platform  that  adapts  to  the teaching processes of each institution.