My CPP Disability Benefits Were Denied. What Should I Do Next?

Whether you are suffering from an illness or were in an accident that prevents you from returning to work, your future may seem bleak.

However, Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefits can offer financial assistance.

Applying for these benefits takes considerable time and effort, and you may still be denied by Service Canada. This may leave you questioning where to turn next.

But do not worry. There are steps you can take to appeal and (possibly) receive the benefits you rightfully deserve

To help, top CPP disability lawyers in Toronto have prepared a short guide on the best way to appeal a denial.

Let’s take a look.

What to Do If Your CPP Disability Benefits Claim Has Been Denied

There are numerous reasons why a CPP disability claim may be denied, including lack of medical evidence. Take a look at what you should do next, as suggested by trusted disability lawyers in Toronto.

  • Establish an Appeal

Having your initial CPP disability claim denied is not the final say. After your claim is denied, you can have the denial reconsidered within 90 days. The initial level of the appeals procedure is the reconsideration level. If the claim is denied after the reconsideration application, you have the right to appeal to the Social Security Tribunal.

This is when the skills and experience of a trusted CPP disability lawyer in Toronto will prove beneficial.

Remember, you only have 90 days to appeal the denial. While this may seem like a lot of time, there are many arrangements that need to be made to strengthen your appeal. An experienced lawyer will be able to gather the necessary information and documents in this time. They will also see if there is any other evidence or documents required and make sure everything is in order to appeal your benefits claim. Along with eliminating the guesswork and stress surrounding the appeal, it will ensure your appeal is as strong and accurate as possible.

  • Gather the Necessary Documents

Once you have informed Service Canada of your appeal, you need to gather all the relevant documents to support your appeal. While there is no guaranteed pathway to success, it’s vital that the necessary documentation is provided to Service Canada.

Whether there are one or more reasons for the denial of your disability benefits claim, you should include documents that prove reasons why this is not the case. These may include recent notes from physiotherapy sessions, new information provided by your doctor, updated therapy notes and anything else that proves your case. Since every situation is unique, the evidence required for the success of your appeal depends on your situation.

  • Maintain a Paper Trail of Your Communications with the CPP

It’s vital that you keep all documents concerning communications between you and the CPP. Also, make sure you keep a copy of all of the documentation you have submitted to appeal your disability benefits claim. Furthermore, you should maintain a record of the time and date of the instances you have spoken to authorities via phone. When dealing with the Canadian Pension Plan, even the smallest error in the information you provide can result in your claim being rejected. So, it’s important to have a CPP disability lawyer in Toronto. As they are familiar with the process, they can properly review your application and ensure you submit the right documents.

Applying for CPP disability benefits and appealing a denied claim can be a complex and tedious process. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a CPP disability lawyer in Toronto by your side who will help you properly navigate the process. They will do everything in their power to protect your rights and guide you through the process to receive the benefits you deserve.