If you are looking for transportation between Barrie, Ontario, and Pearson Airport, you have a few options. These include bus, a rideshare service or an airport taxi.

But these often do not provide the efficient service you want. Many passengers complain of last-moment cancellations, late arrivals, and poor conditions.

But when you book an airport limo instead of a taxi or public transport, you are sure to get high-quality service.

Here, we outline the vital questions to may ask when hiring an airport limousine between Barrie and Pearson.

What to Ask When Booking an Airport Limo from Barrie to Pearson 

Here are a few key questions you should ask your chosen airport limo service in order to make an informed decision.

Is the Company Experienced? 

Make sure you hire an airport limo company in Barrie that has been in the industry for some time. Generally, an experienced airport limo company recruits experienced chauffeurs, maintains their cars well, and charges reasonable prices.

What Types of Vehicles Are in Their Fleet?

When hiring an airport limousine company, check out what types of vehicles are included in their fleet. This applies whether you are hiring the company for the first time or have done so before.

For example, when travelling with your partner, you should choose a luxurious sedan. But when you are travelling in a group of six or seven, you must book an SUV that can accommodate that number.

Are the Drivers Properly Trained?

Your chauffeur ensures your safety on the road. Therefore, if they are not well-trained or licensed, you increase your chances of being in an accident. Leading airport limo companies always hire proficient and background-verified chauffeurs for the safety of their passengers.

What Do They Charge?

Be sure to ask how much they charge. Try to choose a company that charges flat rates without any extra costs involved.

What Is Included in Your Package?

When you hire an airport taxi, you get basic transportation with no amenities. But when you hire a trusted airport limo company, you can enjoy a variety of services such as a high-end audio system, a bar, and Wi-Fi.

What Steps Are Taken for Car Maintenance? 

No one wants to ride in a vehicle that is unclean or badly maintained. So, ask what maintenance procedures does your chosen limo company employ? Do they, for instance, clean their cars between passengers. They should also ensure that your vehicle is in the best mechanical condition to prevent unanticipated breakdowns.

These are the key questions that you should ask when booking an airport limo company from Barrie to Pearson. If you are still struggling to decide which limo to choose, get in touch with the leading airport companies near you.