Karjat’s Sondai fort is a real gem. It’s not a very well-known location and it will surely surprise you! The Matheran range is home to this Fort. It is among the most scenic treks that you can take close to Mumbai during monsoon time. It takes between 15 and 20 minutes to reach the plateau from the Sonewadi Base Settlement. The water will be kept in 2 cisterns adjacent to each other. From here, one can get an excellent picture of Gavari Hill. After climbing the stairs, you will be able to see the dried cistern, and an incline on the right side. Since this Sondai temple is considered to be sacred and sacred, visitors are required to remove their shoes prior to continuing their journey. Two cisterns are visible upon ascending the rock patch. After climbing the stairs you will see an un-dried cistern and an unfinished ladder on the left side. Since it is believed that the Sondai temple is considered to be sacred the visitors must take off their shoes prior to continuing their journey. After climbing the granite cliff there are two cisterns, each with a huge pillars. This is the Matheran Mountain range may be visible clearly from the summit. In the monsoon season, you can expect scenes of green and even clouds of mist!

Close to Karjat Chowk Phata, Sondai isn’t a fort that is well-known. Karjat Railway station can be found 9 kilometers distant from Sondai Fort Trek. Morbe Dam, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Rajmachi, Songiri forts Karnala Fort as well as The Matheran mountain range can be all seen from this location. To guard the trade route, Sondai Fort Karjat was used as an observation tower. The Sondai fort’s villages that are its base include Sondewadi along with Wavarle. Its village, Sondewadi is situated in about a quarter of the top in the Fort.

The highest point on the hill, where the Statue of Sondai Devi is situated, you will find numerous water cisterns as well as steps made of rock. Two freshwater cisterns that have potable water are on their route. Waverle is another village where access to Fort is difficult because of the vast woods. A ladder made of iron, Sondai hike, has been constructed. It makes the climb to the top to seek Sondai Devi temple’s blessing safer for pilgrims and hikers alike.

Information regarding how to go about the Sondai Trek:

The difficulty level on the Sondai trek Medium

Sondewadi Region: Karjat, Sondai’s base village

Sondai Fort takes a maximum of two hours to climb.

1 day’s duration

Sondai Trekking Fees:

If transportation is not available, the price is the equivalent of Rs. 599/- per person.

The total cost, which includes transportation for transportation, is the sum of Rs. 1199/- per person.


The water is stored in cisterns of three to four.

Sondai Devi Statue as well as some carved idols placed in the tree.

Gorgeous and huge Matheran Mountain Range, which is a stunning sight during monsoons!

In the monsoon during the monsoons, Morbe Dam is a stunning sight during monsoons. Morbe Dam provides an incredible view.

Vavarle Dam Vavarle Dam, which is keeping the rainwater of the monsoon is a stunning spectacle to behold.

These are the major attraction points:

Sondai Devi Temple on Top Ladders to reach the top of the Water Cisterns at the fort. Beautiful views from Morbe Dam and Matheran Distance Sondai Devi Temple on Top Ladders to reach the highest Water Cisterns at the fort.

The route to Sondai Fort

Small Plateau – Rock Patches – Small Plateau – First Iron Ladder – Second Iron Ladder – Sondai Fort Top Sondewadi village Small Plateau – First Iron Ladder – Second Iron Ladder – Sondai Fort Top.

Itenary itinerary that you should adhere to to enjoy the hike:

Meet at 05:45 in front of the gate to the SGNP.

Get up at 05:55 for your Sondai walk.

07:15 Meet in the Andheri metro station, stop WEH.

6:30 – 7:30 – eat at the Bandra’s Kalanagar Stop (on the main highway).

At 06:45 p.m. In the evening, you can eat dinner on Sion station circle. Sion circular station.

Eat at 07:00 in the Chembur’s Diamond Garden.

07:20 eat at 07:20 in Vashi 7:20 eat in Vashi, located at Vashi Plaza, which is located below the bridge that is the longest.

In the evening, at 7:45 p.m. You can eat dinner in McDonald’s located in Kalamboli.

08:15 Karjat phata karjat phata karjat phata (Chowk)

9:00 Arrive at the village’s base for breakfast.

Begin ascending at 09:30.

11:30 Climb up to the highest point and take a look around.

Start descending at 13:00.

15:30 Arrive in the base village for lunch.

16:00 Start the return journey towards Mumbai.

Arrival at Andheri is scheduled to take place approximately 20:00.