You already know the potential of Google Adwords to boost traffic to your website, but did you know that paying is not enough to get good results on the platform? You have to understand how to spend money wisely, increasing the return on investment.

Here we explain how the Google auction works and we present investment alternatives so that you can create a strategy that is appropriate to the goals of your company.

Google Adwords allows advertising in research

Before explaining how to invest intelligently in Google sponsored links , let’s understand how the platform works.

Rodrigo Camara, director of Goobec, the digital marketing agency that offers official Google AdWords courses, explains that the system works as an advertising platform that connects people seeking information with companies that offer services or products.

Thus, you can associate the link of your company with the term that a user is looking for. “Advertisers can choose words related to their business and display their ads to those who search on Google,” says the specialist.

The great advantage of the platform is success . Imagine, for example, that you have a computer technical assistance workshop. You could set up a campaign in Adwords so that the link of your company appears for users who search for “repair notebook”. Certainly this person would be interested in your services.

Very simple? Not that much. There is a lot of competition for keywords and Google uses several criteria besides the value invested to define which ads will appear in the ad list and where they will appear.

How to spend money with the best cost-benefit

Whenever someone searches for a word on Google, the search engine conducts an auction with the ads that compete for the searched term. At this time, the system ignores ads without the minimum rating, such as ads that were disapproved or targeted to a different region.

The criteria that defines which ads will appear on the user’s screen is their rating . This classification is based on the offers (maximum value stipulated for each click or view), the quality of the ads (expectation to meet the needs of the user) and the quality of the web (with characteristics that Google values).

Therefore, your ad may rank better than a competitor with a higher bid if your content is more relevant to the user and the site is significantly better according to Google’s rules. The calculation is complex and even Google does not reveal how it is done.

The last criterion to spend money wisely in Google Adwords is the type of investment . Here, the choice will depend on your objective when investing in the platform.

click oriented

It is the most common type of advertisement in Google Adwords. Known as cost-per-click bidding , the method is recommended for driving web traffic. You pay when the user clicks on your ad.

impression oriented

Also known as cost-per-impression bidding , this method is recommended for those who want to increase their brand awareness and visibility. These offers are only available on display (banner) ads, not sponsored links.

conversion oriented

Finally, the cost per acquisition offer is intended for expert advertisers who want to advertise on Google Adwords to obtain conversions: users who perform a specific action after clicking on the ad. The most common examples are getting an email and selling a product.