Good ideas deserve to be shared. If you agree with this, you must know  TED Talks.  Created by a non-profit organization, TED began as a conference, in California (USA), in 1984. From then on the initiative grew and, now, the conferences are shared online with the whole world, free.

The organization encourages an exchange of knowledge accessible to all, offering great learning with world-renowned professionals. The central idea is that, with the power of ideas, it is possible to change the world and improve it.

TED Talks: sharing knowledge

For new entrepreneurs, this is an optimal channel to acquire knowledge. Among the  personalities  who have already shared experiences and inspiring ideas in TED Talks are Bill Gates, Gordon Brown and Jane Goodall, among others.

Finally, being attentive to the latest market trends and  learning  from professionals who offer new perspectives are fundamental actions to consolidate a business. Learn about some interesting conference suggestions that stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit.

Inspiration to start

Larry Page: Where is Google going?

Google CEO talks about  market and innovation . According to him, what has contributed most to companies failing is that they are not looking to the future. For Page, it is essential that entrepreneurs are aware of new market trends.

The professional says that Google is working on a series of projects, some larger and others smaller, but all connected to the future. Finally, Page says that the more he learns about technology, the more he realizes how much he has to learn.

Cameron Herold: Let’s raise our children to be entrepreneurs

Coach and mentor Cameron Herold was the speaker of one of the most inspiring TED Talks. The specialist talks about  entrepreneurship and education  and about the need to raise children to be entrepreneurs.

He talks about the existence of a person profile that does not fit the role of a normal student and that, instead of trying to mold this young man, it is necessary to let him explore, express himself freely and  think more autonomously . All this will be reflected in his entrepreneurial capacity in the future.

Simon Sinek: How do great leaders inspire others to take action?

Leadership specialist Simon Sinek explains his leadership model called “The Golden Circle,” showing what leads some people to success and others to failure. The professional believes that entrepreneurs should look from the  inside out,  starting from a clear objective until reaching the result.

Sinek talks about the ‘law of diffusion of innovation’, which says that the entrepreneur must conquer the market and the target audience, and not just want to sell. In addition, he explains that for a business to be successful, it is necessary to know the what, the how and also the why of what is going to be done.

Shawn Achor: The happy secret of working better

The psychologist and author of the book The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor, was one of the speakers at the TED Talks. He states that many people believe that the secret to happiness is to work hard and achieve success. However, what he proposes is the opposite: it  is happiness that inspires  productivity.

Achor states that  reality  does not shape the human being, but it is the lens through which the brain sees the world. For this reason, the psychologist proposes the change of that lens.