Instagram is your virtual window to the world. Follow the right travelers and you can see, taste and feel the freedom of traveling from the screen of your mobile. With just a few taps of your thumb and a bit of imagination, you can wander through landscapes full of life, let the wind from the mountains touch your face in a Nordic paradise, end up devouring a plate full of foreign delicacies from a far away country.

These 10 Instagram Travelers will share amazing views from your little Insta-window.


In this account there are no typical palm trees on the beach. Alex Strohl writes for prestigious outlets such as Forbes, Vanity Fair and Gentleman’s Journal. Alex is a master of telling stories through photography. His Instagram account is a carefully curated book, a visual delight that captures authentic moments. The lakes are the bluest, the mountains are dressed in white and the sunsets are the most vibrant.

Here you’ll find interspersed shots of people in these dramatic landscapes, mountain climbers, divers and motorcyclists brought to life amidst frozen photos of boiling water, dust clouds and mist. Thanks to Strohl’s travels we have access to aspects of the world and moments that might otherwise go unnoticed or forgotten. Each photograph tells a story.

2. Carleyscamera

Raised by two American artists, Carley Rudd took her innate creativity from an early age and developed her own photographic style. One look at her account is like seeing the world through a pastel-colored camera lens. Using natural light and symmetry, Carley literally illuminates the world’s natural and man-made beauty. Through her Instagram and online travel diary, Carley awakens the desire to travel within all who are lucky enough to see her page.

3. Elice_f

Elice is an architect, blogger, and travel photographer, but most of all, she’s a storyteller – and it all starts with her morning walks every day. She wakes up early to go buy coffee, her blog and her instagram follow her travels in the morning light. Her stories “Where I Walk for Coffee” capture small snippets of life, sunrises in a foreign country, smiles from countless baristas, and the morning customs of the neighborhood where she finds herself.

4. Irfanjunejo

Irfan Junejo does not describe himself as a travel vlogger or influencer. Instead, he told reporters that he is just “a teenager trying to make something of himself.” Irfan is a key figure among Pakistani youtubers and has created a travel page on Instagram which now has over 426k followers. Irfan photographs the people he interacts with during his travels, moments of natural beauty, and the intriguing architecture he comes across. Posting vlogs as a teenager became so much more than he could have imagined.

5. Wild.vanlife

This account is the story of a planned escape to see more of the world. This Instagrammer left her everyday days behind after transforming an old van. On her profile you’ll find sepia-toned shots of her and the van of her in wheat fields in the middle of nowhere, saturated photos under starry skies, and highways to new destinations. Following his account puts you in the passenger seat of his van thanks to the unique moments he experiences along the way, like coming across blue rocks painted in the 80s and meeting puppies one morning in Morocco.

6. somewhereiwouldliketolive & somewhereiwouldliketogo

In this account, interior design merges with dream trips. While most travel blogs and Instagrams focus on the outside of buildings and natural scenery, these creatives make sure the world inside doesn’t go unnoticed. These accounts encourage you to imagine yourself sitting on a bed next to huge windows looking at skyscrapers and ocean waves. The blending of the world inside with the outside will leave you with a wistful feeling of what it would be like to live among the world’s stunning landscapes.

7. Girlwithgreenpassport

Full of life and overflowing with energy, in this account you will feel so light that you can fly.

The Girl with the Green Passport, also known as Anam Hakeem, combines thoughtful phrases with colorful imagery and lets the world know that she’s out there, seeing it all, despite the restrictions on her passport. Her travel to-do list includes 100 countries and she is proving to be unstoppable. Until now she has visited 26 and has drawn the attention of more than 23 thousand people.

8. Hanliprinsloo

71% of our planet is water, so it would be wrong not to mention the daring travelers who venture into the long and uncharted underwater waters. Hanli is an entrepreneurial advocate for ocean sustainability and a lover of free diving. She travels 60 meters below sea level and shows us humpback whales, caves and schools of fish.

9. Tommy.clarke

Now that you’ve dived into the ocean, it’s time to take to the skies. Tommy Clark is a flight photographer, he goes up to the top in helicopters, he looks for impressive scenes and I take aerial photos of his discoveries. He from above he captures people on beaches that look like ants and umbrellas that look like candy scattered on the sand. Flying over a field of tulips you will find a person growing flowers hidden in the colorful landscape. Tommy’s account is fun, he plays with colors and scales from the sky.

10. Earthfocus

My final recommendation is the place to go if you’re still looking for travelers on Instagram, even after reading this list. A collection of stunning traveler photography can be found on this account that compiles the best works on a single page. You’ll fill your need for breath-taking photos and find plenty of recommendations from Instagrammers to follow.