Executive Golf Courses: Why You Should Play on One

Are you looking for golf lessons in Oakville but are discouraged by the sheer size of the course?

If you have watched golf, you may have noticed something interesting about the course. Standard courses are 6,700 yards, with 72 pars that contain a mix of par 3s, 4s, and 5s. But some courses are considerably shorter (5,200 yards), with 60 pars containing more par 3s and occasional par 4s. These are called executive golf courses.

In this post, we discuss why executive golf courses are soaring in popularity and why you should play on one.

What Is An Executive Golf Course?

As mentioned, executive golf courses have a lower par and shorter length than standard ones. According to research, golfers make better business executives. And many executives take an interest in golf to better their corporate connections or simply out of love for the game.

But time constraints often mean they cannot devote an entire day to golf. That’s why these shorter, quicker courses were created, for a quicker game that can be finished in one to two hours. That’s why they are named ‘executive’ golf courses.

They have a lower par because they contain more par-3 holes than a standard course. For nine holes on an executive course, par is usually between 30 and 34. One semi-typical design for an executive course will have three par-3 holes, five par-4 holes, and a par-5 hole.

Although named after executives, these courses can be played by anyone interested in golf and looking for some green time during the work day. They are also popular among beginner golfers.

So, if you are a golf enthusiast or planning to take golf lessons, let’s look at why you should try your hand at an executive golf course.

Why Play an Executive Golf Course?

Here are a few reasons why you may want to play an executive golf course.

  1. It Saves Time

As executive golf courses have more par-3 holes than a standard golf course, they are far shorter and take much less time to complete.

This is ideal if you are a beginner, are planning to introduce your kids to golf, or for anyone else who wants to invest less time in golf. A game played on an executive course won’t be as time-consuming as on a standard 18-hole course. So, it won’t be as intimidating or overwhelming and they will be able to enjoy golf.

  1. It Improves Your Confidence

In the first days of golf lessons, it can seem impossible to break even on an average 100 score on a real course. This can affect the learner’s confidence. The shorter length of an executive golf course is easier to navigate. This allows you to shoot a good score more quickly.

It also provides a more level playing field for shorter hitters to give them an idea of how they are progressing. It will also help them build confidence for when they play golf on a regular course.

  1. It Saves You Money

Joining an exclusive golf course can cost a lot, especially as costs add up.

For someone who only wants to play a quick round or only wants to play during off-peak hours, an executive golf club is a much more affordable option.

These are some of the main reasons why you should join an executive golf course and level up your golf game in a quicker, more efficient manner. If you have further questions regarding executive golf courses, or golf lessons in general, contact a golf training center near you.