Digital Life is life itself and technology represents a fundamental part of being human. There are more people in the world with access to a smartphone than with access to running water, which is extraordinary. Regardless of whether or not you have a device, mobile technology has gone mainstream. Digitalization stimulates the activity of the world’s health services and research centers, feeds the infrastructure of public services, supports educational systems, revolutionizes the way we run companies and, on a more intrinsic level, allows the human race communicate across borders .

The enormous benefits that technology has brought to the world in such a short space of time are incredible. Progress has never swept the world in such a unilateral way and produced so many changes. That is why the possibilities of technology should be open to everyone: something for which Telefónica has been fighting for many years throughout the world. We aspire to break down barriers to adoption and empower people to seize the opportunity and enrich their lives with digital technology in a safe, responsible and transparent way.