Organizations today use data to predict the future from a well-structured present. This is achieved thanks to tools such as Big Data and Business Intelligence , which allow knowing the market and customers so that companies can better plan their sales strategies.

Before getting into the subject, we remember that when we talk about Business Intelligence we refer to the set of techniques, processes and architecture that transform the data collected by a company into important and relevant information for management processes.

For its part, with Big Data, organizations manage large amounts of information from sources to which an organization has direct access, through alliances or through third parties. Of course, this trend is based on analytics to be able to interpret and analyze a series of data to have an increasingly detailed picture and thus be able to make the right decision.

Why use business intelligence for sales?

For any company, be it small or medium, it is important to manage the data of its operation and to identify business opportunities . And it is here, where business intelligence technological tools become protagonists.

There are different levels of appropriation of Business Intelligence, levels that depend on the state in which the company is and its needs. Below we share the factors that you must take into account to know when it is pertinent to bet on this trend:

1. Know the client

Knowing the consumption habits of customers, this could help you define the steps of your business, and with the help of this tool it is possible to know them even better.

2. Plan sales

Business Intelligence software allows companies to concentrate sales on a certain line of products, establish discounts or even have an idea of ​​what the impact of your actions will be on income.

3. Observe the results

With Business Intelligence it is also possible to have prior and exact knowledge of the profit from sales, making evaluations and comparisons with the objectives that have been established at the beginning.

4. Correct sales campaigns

Another important possibility of Business Intelligence is the possibility it offers to detect in advance if we have to increase or reduce costs during a sales campaign.

As we can see, Business Intelligence not only helps improve management, but can really support the profitability and sustainability of organizations , as well as help them plan for the future by recognizing potential business opportunities.