From the year  2020  and surely during  2021 , companies will continue to advance in their data migration strategies to the cloud. Data storage as traditional workloads will continue to shift from centralized structures to distributed modes based on cloud services. 

Organizations are opting more for  cloud service as it is increasingly difficult for them to have the capacity they need to store all the information, and continue to increase it as they receive more data. With this ,  they can also increase their agility and remain competitive  in the face  of complications, since they do not have to allocate all their resources to the IT  infrastructure  necessary to store data.  

Another advantage of the cloud is the flexibility in the scale since the space can be increased or decreased, according to the needs without making long-term estimates as would happen with the traditional storage approach.  

On the other hand, companies are not always aware of the dependence they really have on the technology they use until a system fails or is not available and precisely this is one of the most important objectives when migrating to the cloud, to have availability of the systems 24  hours a  day, 365 days a year. This availability is important when you have critical incidents that threaten business continuity if the situation becomes more protracted. 

During the migration process, organizations prioritize applications and data repositories that are easier to move, allowing them to be more agile in the early transition stage.  

Cybersecurity is  one  more  important point  for today’s companies, because with cloud technologies, it is not necessary to invest in cybersecurity infrastructure or specialized personnel. With a minimal investment, they can have access to a very secure and constantly updated platform, saving time and money. 

These are just some of the advantages that the cloud offers and now that you know why you should migrate your data, you can choose the tool that best suits the needs of your company or  institution .