During my stay in Rome as an EF Global Intern, I had the opportunity to visit both touristic and not-so-touristy places within the city. Many of these sites were recommendations by Italians. All these places will be the best option to make your trip to Rome unforgettable and truly experience the culture even more deeply.

1. Cinecitta- studios and world

Cinecitta is the best place for movie lovers. The studios are located within the city and you can visit with a guide, preferably in Italian to continue practicing the language . At the end of the tour you will arrive at a museum where they show the history of Italian cinema, the most famous films recorded on this site and the stages of film production. On the other hand, Cinecitta World is an amusement park located a few minutes from Rome and you can be a different and fun way to spend a weekend.

2. Giardino degli Aranci

A park located near the circus massimo and with an incredible view of the city. A place to spend an incredible day while admiring the beauty of the city. Many city dwellers come to this place to study, read, have picnics, play music and even take photo shoots because of the incredible atmosphere of the place. A few meters from this place is the Plaza de los Caballeros de Malta where from the door there is a lock on the main door where you can see the dome of Saint Peter in Vatican City.

3. Galleria Doria Pamphilj

A Palace hidden in the center of Rome and located in one of the most famous streets of the city, Via Del Corso. A place that shows a mix for lovers of architecture, art and history. A large number of artists from various stages of art and it is worth spending a couple of hours calmly. The audio guide tells the history of the place from a unique point of view of the family. And in the same way once in the Gallery it is worth visiting the family apartment.

4. Roman Colosseum at Night

The Colosseum is the first place you should go during your stay in Rome. However, going at night will make you live a unique and incomparable experience. A tour of the most iconic place in Italy by moonlight accompanied by a film about gladiators. Similarly, in front of the coliseum there is an esplanade with an incredible view of this wonder and it is a place where many city dwellers come to have picnics and admire the view.

5. Bonaparte Palace and Exhibitions

The palace is located in Piazza Venezia in the center of the city. A place to learn about history, especially about the time of Napoleon, since his mother lived in this palace. Even though several renovations have been carried out, its architecture is incredible. In the same way, it has temporary exhibitions of great quality and selection. Inside this part of the museum there is a balcony with a view of Via del Corso and Piazza Venezia.

These sites can be included in your visit to Rome and will complement your experience with a more unique point of view on the city. Italian culture has many characteristics that each of these places represent and will make you fall in love with the city as a whole.